"Crackenthorpe Stud, is a centre of excellence, totally dedicated to the breeding, training, education and competing of the Sports Horse" Anne Chappelhow.



Crackenthorpe Stud is situated in the beautiful unspoilt 'Eden Valley', Cumbria, United Kingdom, and is very much a family orientated business; horses are in their blood. Drawing on the knowledge of generations past and present, Crackenthorpe Stud's reputation has become a widely repected, thriving business in a very competitive world and its continued success is the reward for hard work, dedication and sacrifices over many years. The stud represents a lifetime's commitment with hope and ambition for the future of the perfect partnership between 'man' and 'horse'.

Crackenthorpe Stud is well known and respected for its quality breeding and for producing top class Sports Horses. "Our philosophy at Crackenthorpe is to recognise the importance of starting a young horse's education correctly, both for the animal's welfare and for a long and successful career".

Crackenthorpe has excellent facilities. Large, well fenced paddocks for the mares, foals and youngstock. Specially adapted paddocks to contain the stallions. An indoor schooling area and outdoor menage. A horse walker, essential when keeping a number of horses in work, and a covered barn housing spacious, well ventilated loose boxes.

At Crackenthorpe the animals are kept in as natural an environment as possible. This makes for happy, sociable, relaxed and unspoilt horses.

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Tuition is available at all levels for both horse and rider. Anne Chappelhow is a natural born teacher. She helps you to understand your horse and, in doing so, gives you a better understanding of what you are asking of the horse. This results in a better, more responsive, more satisfying, understanding partnership between horse and rider along with overall improved performance.

Advanced tuition will help those committed to their sport, working on their natural talents, improving and learning alternative techniques, in turn giving individuals the edge over fellow competitors.



At Crackenthorpe horses are produced to achieve their maximum potential in all disciplines. Horses come to Crackenthorpe for training in dressage, show jumping, eventing, point to point, flat and national hunt racing, in-hand showing along with preparation for sale.

The horses at Crackenthorpe are worked in a relaxed atmosphere at a pace pre-determined by the individual animal. Their repeated successes with numerous horses speak for themselves.



Managing the busy stud, schooling and competing in all spheres demands long hours and total dedication from family and staff.

Founder of the stud Anne Chappelhow who, with her amazing enthusiasm and boundless energy, has made Crackenthorpe Stud the success it is today. Well known for breeding and producing top class sports horses, Anne is only too willing to share the joy her horses bring to her with others.

Clare Chappelhow, who inherited her riding ability and great passion for horses from her mother Anne, manages the stud. Clare has a keen riding ability and rare gift of understanding our equine friend. It is these talents that have helped her realise her ambitions and goals for the future.

Anne's younger daughter, Susan, is also a talented rider and successful competitor. She is following in her mother's footsteps with a natural flair for teaching, creating a fun and educational experience from Pony Club to Advanced Levels.

Anna a Chappelhow protege, assists part time in the breaking and educating of the young horses, forming a natural and willing partnership between horse and rider.

The Chappelhows have further staff assisting them at the stud who share their passion and enthusiasm for horses and their well being. Coupled with a wide circle of friends who continually offer their assistance and a very special husband/father who has been a key supporting figure throughout the stud's development, which continues to grow from strength to strength.






Star material is inherant not made. Clare Chappelhow is a young woman with an abundance of talent. With her striking good looks she has a determination that belies her slender frame. Clare is ambitious, courageous and totally dedicated to her sport. Eventing is Clare Chappelhow's life.

Clare throughout her 20's, worked as a haulier; driving through the night several times a week to finance her Eventing and spending the days with the horses. A schedule that would put a lesser mortal to shame, but she has a big future in front of her and Clare is no shrinking violet. She is fortunate to have the full support of her family who recognised her talent at a very early age and have nurtured it over the years. Presently Clare is managing the stud.

Clare has been very successful, qualifying in 1995 for the National Young Riders Championships at Bramham, and both Bramham and Bleinham International 3* Three Day Events in 1996 and 1997 improving her placing each time. Following this her top horses at the time 'The Tops' and 'Celtic Legend' qualified for both Badminton and Burghley International 4* Three Day Event, a competition in which riders are competing at World Championship level.

Clare trains with Chris Bartle who has previously won the Mitsubushi Motors Championship at Badminton as well as being a member of the 'Gold Medal' winning team at past European Championships. A further accolade to his success is that he still holds the record for the best ever British performance in pure dressage at the Olympic Games.

Christopher's jet setting lifestyle as an international trainer leaves him little time at home. Clare is highly appreciative of the opportunity to learn from him and continues to strive for success with her goal to become a master in the art of horsemanship.

DATE: EVENTS: ACHIEVEMENTS: (last updated September 2003)
October 1998 Bishop Burton Horse Trials Won 'Pre-Novice' section on Celtic Laurus, came first and third in 'Novice' with Debonair and Echo; second with Enterprise and third on a clean sheet with Burma Star at 'Intermediate'. All horses homebred.
For further information or enquiries: clare@crackenthorpestud.com


Anne Chappelhow is a horsewoman of vast experience, with a depth of knowledge, in selecting, breeding and producing horses for many different spheres, and educating horses and riders, from those who just enjoy being around horses, to international competitors. Anne’s approach to training horses and riders is inspired by her own life time’s experiences; giving confidence, building communication between horse and rider, and creating a successful partnership.

Since Anne’s retirement from competitive riding, she has trained alongside some of the very best riders and trainers in the world. Always generous to pass on her knowledge she could be seen judging various disciplines ranging from the no nonsense Anglo European Studbook Grading shows, to the delightful elegance of Side- Saddle classes.

Anne was born and educated in England. As a child she was a very keen competitor at local gymkhanas and agricultural shows which were within riding distance, or even further away if lucky enough to have her father take her in the farm’s ancient cattle truck. With many wins to her credit Anne proved it is the horse that is important, not the status of their transport. Living on a working fell farm allowed Anne’s natural horsemanship to develop from childhood. She educated and trained many different types of ponies and horses, from natives to thoroughbreds, some straight off the fells or out of the New Forest. Anne’s aim was always to create a willing and pleasurable partnership. ‘Problem’ horses were brought to her, though she says they were rarely deliberately being difficult. The ‘problem’ was the lack of ability to ask the horse in a ‘language’ he understood, as she realized how lucky she was to have this naturally, Anne started to teach this skill.

Marriage, working as a civil servant, having children, managing a haulage business, and much more never took Anne away from her love of equines; she even continued producing horses whilst working full time driving a huge articulated wagon long distance. From the age of 15 Anne realized that to have the caliber of horses she wanted she had to consider breeding her own. Her ideas could then be put into practice. In 1983 she began what was to be a two-year search for the horse she thought worthy of being the foundation stallion of the Crackenthorpe Stud. It was to be the Dutch horse Pentagon and he finally arrived in Cumbria in 1985.

Remaining passionate about horses’ welfare and believing that educating the people around them is the way forward she continues helping “discerning people with a desire to understand and communicate clearly with their friend, the horse”.

Proud moment, receiving the Steele Silver Salver won by her daughter Clare and the homebred Crackenthorpe Lady J, at the British Equestrian National Convention 2006 awarded by British Dressage and presented by reigning Olympic, European and World Cup Dressage Champion Anky van Grunsven.

DATE: EVENTS: ACHIEVEMENTS: (last updated September 2003)
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Some would say it is her long dark hair and her film star looks, which makes Susan such a popular personality but her sense of fun, her love of people and her willingness to help anyone who asks, are the real reasons.

Susan has come a long way from the child rider with empathy and feel for the horse which less blessed heorsemen would have killed for.

Many people and organisations have contributed in making Susan into the person she is today. One such being International rider, trainer and judge, Judy Harvey; another The British Young Riders Dressage Scheme. At just 15, Susan started making the long journey to Addington monthly, initially taking Celtic Legend and later Crackenthorpe Foursquare.

Having spent her early years living and breathing horses at Crackenthorpe, Susan moved to Berkshire to work for dressage rider, Peter Storr, who was reigning National Champion with Pinky Heinz's lovely Grand Prix horse Gambrinus. Susan's thirst for knowledge lead her to John Perry's Berkshire yard, where she worked diversely from starting off horses to advanced rides, dressage to show jumpers, eventers to race horses. Yogi Breisner came to Susan's guidance, thanks to him she can confidently ride and overcome the antics of a precocious thoroughbred or clear the most off-putting of fences!

A spell in Oxfordshire, is when the eventing bug hit her, and she affiliated Foursquare. They started pre-novice in July 2002 and went double clear immediately and Three Day Eventing by 2003.

The latter bringing together the two loves of her life, equine and socialising.



For further information or enquiries: enquiries@crackenthorpestud.com